The story began in 1949 as Casa Bernardo, a national company and managed by the Bernardo family. The company quickly positioned itself in the Brazilian market, bringing solutions for the day-to-day trade, importing and distributing several important products for the Brazilian economy at the time.

From the 1960s onwards, due to the significant losses in grain storage, caused by the attack of pests and driven by the green revolution that reflected in the growth of the agricultural sector, the company turned its actions to this segment and started importing products for the Stored Grains segment. During this period, the company introduced products such as Bromex¬ģ, the base of Methyl Bromide and methods for soil treatment, aiming at total control of pathogenic microorganisms, weeds and combating leaf-cutting ants, just as it was the first Brazilian company to implement mechanized cotton harvesting, importing and distributing machines from the USA.

In the 1970s, local development of Gastoxin¬ģ B57 began, a highly effective fumigant for pest control in stored grains, providing clean grains, healthy food and better quality of life.


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