The origin of Detia Degesch back to the year 1817, when pharmacist Carl Christian Freyberg began the industrialization of products for rats and mice control in Delitzsch, a small town in the west of Germany.


Three generations later, Dr. Werner Freyberg, the founder’s great-grandson, was the first to succeed in the development and launch of products based on phosphine gas release. This discovery was worldwide patented, because until then there was no practical and effective method for pest control in stored products.


Origined from the name of the city and the family, the company was named Delicia Freyberg.


The business history of the company is marked by a series of business growth through acquisitions and mergers, which resulted in the formation of the current Detia Degesch Group.


Despite having other products that complement the portfolio in countries where it is established, the Detia Degesch Group is dedicated for the Stored Grains Segment, being a world leader in this market.


The group has now seven plants in different countries and is made up of several companies worldwide.