To know who we are today, and how Bequisa is building towards the future, we invite you to where our history started, with over 70 years of experience and several accomplishments. It all began in 1949, with Casa Bernardo, a national company that quickly established itself in the Brazilian market, importing and distributing several products important to the economy at the time.


Already in the 60s, preserving food quality and fighting waste became our main concerns. It was from that moment onward, due to the significant losses in grain storage caused by pest attacks and boosted by the green revolution that reflected in the growth of the agricultural industry, that the company targeted their actions towards this industry and began importing products to the Stored Grains industry. During that time, the company introduced products such as Bromex®, based on Methyl Bromide, and which also succeeded in the methods for soil treatment.


Bequisa’s aerial view


In the 70s,  the local production and development of Gastoxin® B57 started, a highly effective Aluminum Phosphide-based fumigant formulated for the control of stored grain pests, which contributes to avoid significant losses to the national agricultural production and provides greater profitability for the industry. Providing the market’s highest quality solutions as its main objective explains Gastoxin®’s success, which is why it has become a reference in the category.


In the 80s, the company began exporting its Aluminum Phosphide-based products to 56 countries, on every continent. It was the first Brazilian company to conquer the registration of an agrochemical at the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), in the USA. In the same decade, the company was awarded by Sao Paulo’s State Government in the category “Technology Originality”, due to their constant concern with technological improvements.


From the 90s, based on a keen, modern, and bold view, seeking innovative solutions, harmless to the environment, the company launched Insecto®, a natural insecticide with Diatomaceous Earth in its formulation. During this period, associating its experience in pest control and stored grains, as well as its knowledge in the fine chemicals market, the company started developing products to meet several market segments, such as providing services targeted towards insect and rodent control, focused on basic sanitation of homes, companies, hospitals, public health, among others, for vector control.


At the same time, the company started offering the services of Free 24-hour Toxicological Assistance to its clients, acting in a helpful, humane, and responsible way, always seeking the best and safest market practices. In addition, new ways to present the market’s leading product – Gastoxin® – were being developed, as well as new products, with differentiated and highly effective molecules.


As of 2000, main events include: name change to BEQUISA; achieving ISO 9001 certification reinforcing its concern with the quality of its products and services; “Exporta Sao Paulo” award in 2010, which acknowledges the effort and merit of companies that have expanded their sales abroad; and achieving the “Globo Rural” award over 8 times in the previous years, even qualifying as the “2nd Best Crop Protection Company” in years 2018, 2019, and 2020.


It is worth highlighting BEQUISA’s acquisition in November 2007 by group Degesch, of German origins, and from this moment on products by Degesch in Brazil began being distributed by BEQUISA, including: FUMI-CEL® , Fumitoxin®, and Phostoxin®.




Innovations are being launched in the market such as: Triller®, F4i®, Certrex®, Sheriff Line, among others. With the commitment to develop new application technologies and formulations, BEQUISA has continuously been targeting its efforts and investments towards its product lines: the group’s core business, the Post-Harvest line, and the Environmental Health line which has constructive interaction with the main line.


In 2015, there was an important step in the process of strengthening the BEQUISA brand: changing our company name to BEQUISA INDÚSTRIA QUÍMICA DO BRASIL LTDA.


And, in 2022, we write another chapter of our history.


With the expertise of our achievements, we are today the Bequisa from the present and we always keep looking at the Bequisa we are building for the future.


Bequisa, that’s who we are.


Offer a complete portfolio of solutions of a high quality for the treatment of storage grains and urban pest control, with a high level of services to our customers.


Consolidate as a leader and best supplier of solutions for the protection of storage grains and expand your recognition as company of high quality for the urban pest control, contributing to the food security and people’s health.


• Ethical, human, and responsible company in the conduction of our activities;
• Respect to our commitments;
• Dedication and partnership with our customers;
• Recognition and appreciation of the health and well-being of our employees as an essential factor for our success;
• Respect for the pillars of Sustainability.